International Landscape Architecture Student Workshop (ILASW) is a student workshop held by HIMASKAP, a student organization of the Landscape Architecture Department of IPB. It is a biennial international supported by Ikatan Arsitek Lanskap Indonesia (IALI) and International Federation of Landscape Architects (IFLA). Every students with corresponding majors from any country can join in this event as delegates. The theme and the location vary in every event; delegates can expect interesting ones chosen every time they participate. There will be 5 main activities in this event: workshop, seminar, survey and field trip, gala dinner and landscape expo.

The chosen theme for this year's event is the utilization of post mining landscape. It is important to be aware of this issue because mining will have a dire consequence in landscape: the environmental alteration. The impacts of the alteration include chemical (ground and surface water), physical (land morphology and topography), wind speed, habitat (flora and fauna), and soil productivity.

Knowing this issue, delegates will have to think about a reclamation and revitalization plan to ensure the landscape sustainability. Together, they must come up with a way to make the post-mining landscape beneficial for the community living in the surrounding area. The final product will be a landscape planning to solve this issue.

Prepare yourself for this great event!!

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