ILASW (International Landscape Architecture Student Workshop) 2018

Theme: Post Mining Landscape

Study Case : Post mining landscape in PT Aneka Tambang (ANTAM) PONGKOR area, Bantar Karet, Nanggung, Bogor District,  West Java 

Date : November 18th-21th 2018

Place: Bogor Agricultural University, Bogor, ID.

Registration date:
1st Round: July 23th- August 18th 2018
2nd Round: August 19th – October 6th 2018
Essay Selection : October 7th-15th 2018
Final Participant's Announcement: October 15th 2018

      I.                  Main Agenda : 

1.     Workshop
o   Participants of ILAS Workshop come from various universities, they are 50 undergraduate students from Indonesia and overseas

o   This workshop is held for students from Landscape Architecture, Architecture, and other equivalent fields
o   The participants of ILAS Workshop will be guided by 5 experts in their field as supervisors.
o   The concept will talk about “Post Mining Landscape”

*) Notes :
§Participants will be selected based on their knowledge and experiences in Landscape Architecture.
§Students with recommendation letter from their home university will be our most priority.
2.     Survey
o Survey is a site visit activity as participant’s tool to explore the area.
o The purpose of this activity is to fulfill the data needs and increase the sense about the site.
o  This activity will be held on the second day of ILAS Workshop.

3.     Field Trip
o  All participants and committee will visit Kampoeng Wisata Cinangneng as our field trip activity.

4.     Gala Dinner
o  This will be the closing ceremony of ILAS Workshop. All participants will have a special dinner with special performance from our IPB guest star. Participants are expected to give some of their performance too.
o  The concept of this event is ‘Cultural Night’ in order to give all participants an opportunity for exposing their own culture. So please be the best version of your country!

5.     Landscape Expo
o  This Expo will present landscape architecture products such as students projects, artworks, and final works from the previous ILAS Workshop.
o  On the other hand, this expo will promote local products from some vendors and our alumni.

     II.                  Purpose: 
The main purpose of this event is to make a plan for the Post Mining Landscape Site in ANTAM PONGKOR area, Bantar Karet, Nanggung, Bogor Region, West Java Province. Through this event, we hope that we can find and promote the positive sides of post mining landscape and empower the local community around the site.

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